We offer informative Accident Reconstruction & Biomechanical presentations at “No Cost”, with “No Obligation” to you and your associates. Contact us anytime to set up a presentation at your earliest convenience. With the latest results of the bar exam out, now is the time to start the development of your new personal injury attorneys. This is also an excellent opportunity to refresh the more experience personal injury attorneys knowledge of Accident Reconstruction & Biomechanical issues.

The biomechanical presentation topics consist of, but are not limited to:


Gross Human Anatomy Computer Animation
Occupant Kinematics & Kinetics
Mechanisms of Injury
Safety Belt Usage
Injury Potential
Photo: Presentations

Accident Reconstruction

Crash Analysis
Speed from Skid
Time/Distance Analysis
Crash Data Retrieval

We specialize in Collision Dynamics and Injury Potential as a result of various incidents including but not limited to: 1. Single Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle & Pedestrian, Vehicle & Bicycle Accidents, etc…. By determining the closing speed, change in velocity (v), change in time (t), acceleration (g’s) and principle direction of force (PDOF) we are able to provide your group the events that transpired determining LIABILITY. By analyzing the motions, forces and torques that a person would have experienced during an incident, we can develop a biomechanical model to determine the types of trauma the tissues of a person may have sustained thus determining CAUSATION.

  • Our presentations typically take between 45 to 60 minutes with a Question and Answer period at the conclusion.
  • Call us to set-up a learning experience for you and your staff at your earliest convenience.
  • Take advantage of this “FREE” service and this is also a great way to get to know my clients and their needs.