Collision Dynamics & Injury Potential

Who we are

Biomechanical Analysis is a Forensic Consulting Firm that offers consulting services in Biomechanics. We investigate Liability and Causation issues of civil and criminal matters. We work extensively with Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys, as well as Insurance Companies throughout the United States.

We have a team of extremely qualified experts in Biomechanics with over 30 years of combined experience. Our team's expertise includes both civil and criminal matters including, but not limited to: Single to Multiple Motor Vehicle Collisions, Motorcycle, Pedestrian v. Motor Vehicle, Bicycle Collisions, Playground Safety, Slip/Trip & Falls, and Industrial Accidents. 

Why hire a Forensic Expert?

A qualified Biomechanical Forensic Expert can be of great benefit in cases where alleged injuries/conditions being claimed are in question. After obtaining a comprehensive forensic evaluation, you will have a better understanding of the strength and weaknesses of your case. And this information will assist you with settlement conferences, depositions, arbitrations and trial.

Contact Biomechanical Analysis with ease, because you will talk directly to the expert and NOT a referral service. Get the competitive edge by hiring an expert and obtain a comprehensive analysis of complex issues & technical matters. We are dedicated in providing an honest and unbiased summary of your case. Our hourly rates are very reasonable and we pride ourselves in offering a competent and thorough analysis at a rate which everyone can afford. Two offices located in Northern & Southern California are very cost effective for you and your firm, because all billing will be from the closest location. Our turnaround time is second-to-none and we are pride ourselves in completing our case work as quickly as possible, without loosing the quality required.