What is Biomechanics

All aspects of forensic biomechanical investigation is performed; including, but not limited to 1. Document Review (i.e. photographs, damage estimates, traffic collision report, recorded statements, interrogatories, depositions, and medical records), 2. Vehicle Inspection and 3. Scene Investigations. At Biomechanical Analysis we are qualified in assessing the mechanism of injury, injury analysis, and injury causation of all types of incidents from Motor Vehicle, Slip, Trip & Falls to Wheelchair Mobility Issues/Incidents. Through document review, vehicle, and scene investigations, when available, our causation evaluation begins.

Biomechanics is the area of study wherein the knowledge and methods of mechanics are applied to the structure and function of the living human system. A biomechanical expert has an understanding of basic human gross anatomy, occupant kinematics & kinetics, mechanisms of injury and injury potential. By analyzing the motions, forces and torques that a person would have experienced during an incident, the biomechanist can develop a biomechanical model to determine the types of trauma the tissues of the body would have experienced, thus determining CAUSATION.